Gidani Human Capital

Gidani is an extraordinary National Company with a multiple heritage.
We are committed to creating an equitable workplace that embraces diversity.
As a World Class South African Lottery Operator we believe that Our People Quality and Management will make Gidani successful.

Gidani’s CORPORATE CULTURE is founded and predicated on UBUNTU - espousing the Values of:

  • Financial Discipline & Frugality
  • Superior performance
  • Diligence
  • Respect
  • Probity – integrity, accountability, transparency, ethical business conduct beyond reproach
  • Corporate patriotism


  • Implementing Training & Skills Development Programmes
  • Ensuring Employee well-being through Life Skills Programmes
  • Identifying areas of development through a Performance Management System
  • Providing Skills Transfer and Succession Planning programmes
  • Developing & Implementing effective Retention and Talent management strategies

In support of the above, the following principles are adhered to:

  • All applicants will be given an equal opportunity for consideration regardless of their race, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, cultural origins, language, family responsibility, marital status, age or disability.
  • A minimum of 90% of our Human Capital will be from designated groups
  • We are committed to the empowerment and advancement of women in business
  • The selected candidate should demonstrate the values and culture of our organisation.
  • It is imperative that our recruitment and selection process takes place in compliance with the values and principles as set out in the Broad Based
  • Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, the Code of Good Practice, the Employment Equity Act of 1998, the Labour Relations Act, the Basic
  • Conditions of Employment Act and other appropriate legislation to avoid any unfair labour practice.